publishing and connecting
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Publishing has never been easier.

Neither has connecting with other people.

The internet, fundamentally, is a publishing and connecting machine.

Not an entertainment machine, a surveillance machine, a dating machine, or any of that other stuff.

The radical promise of the Internet is this: If you interact with it as a connecting and publishing machine, you will have massive success.

The problem is, too many people are distracted by the second order stuff (the entertainment, surveillance, dating, and on and on) and are less focused on engaging with the first order promise.

Such engagement rarely produces explosive wealth, explosive fame, or explosive influence. It more than likely will produce none of these things.

Which is why, when anyone can publish and connect, many still rarely do.

Jesan Sorrells

Jesan Sorrells

Jesan Sorrells is THE emergent premiere keynote speaker, author, and blogger! Jesan is the author of two books, Marketing For Peace Builders: How to Market Your Value to a World in Conflict (2013) and My Boss Doesn’t Care: 100 Essays on Disrupting Your Workplace By Disrupting Yourself, now available on Jesan is the CEO and Founder of Human Services Consulting and Training, the home of the e-learning platform LeadingKeys. Jesan hosted The Earbud_U Podcast (2014-2018) and currently hosts the Jesan Sorrells Audio Experience, both podcasts are focused on conflict engagement, entrepreneurship, and innovation for the 21st century. Check out Jesan on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn as well as his YouTube Channel, Jesan Sorrells Presents. Contact Jesan TODAY and book him to speak at your event!