Leadership Lessons From the Great Books

The Leadership Lessons from the Great Books Podcast (archived below) features the audio version of Jesan Sorrells’s long-form (2+ hour) podcast conversations with leading intellectuals, theologians, historians, and others.

These conversations represent Jesan’s attempt to perform three acts act once:

  • To preserve the Great Books of Western Civilization by talking about them, analyzing them, and thinking about them in real-time.
  • To provide modern, contemporary leaders with access to lessons about the past, from the past, that inform their acts of leadership today.
  • To be counted in these times of strife where the very foundations of the Western civilizational ordering process–such as free speech, for instance–are being challenged by political ideologies that represent a poor substitute for the ideas of the past.

To understand more, check out the video below from Jesan Sorrells

Leadership Lessons From the Great Books Episode Archive