Many people are laboring in vain online to create, distribute, and promote content that has all the actionable substance of milk designed for infants, rather than meat to be served to adults.

Long ago, symbolism and spectacle have come to replace action and substance. First with the TV-advertising complex that dominated much of the 20th century, and now with the ubiquity of social media use and through our mobile phones.

Content we create that should be focused on that which is concrete and actionable will not be found in our social media feeds.

Just as the television and mass advertising of old, our collectively new, spectacle driven environments, tend to encourage and reward the development of content designed to appeal to the interest of the masses, who have all the attention span of infants.

Or much less.

Adults—people with longer attention spans searching for the meat of substance–have now had their interests, attention spans, and content pushed to the edges of the content universe of the Internet.

In the niches.

They’re tucked away reading long blog posts, listening to challenging podcasts and watching long videos.

They’re investing in online classes and developing learning experiences that marry the life online with the life off line.

If you want to get the attention of the masses then, by all means, compete in a race to the bottom on creating, developing, curating, and distributing spectacle-driven content.

But make a decision about what you’re actually offering: meat or milk, once the spectacle has run its course, that way your laboring won’t be in vain.



Administrator for Jesan Sorrells