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Instead of Netflix and Chill, Quarantine and Learn a New Skill

I Hate To Be The Bearer of Bad News

I see a lot of folks out there in Facebook land, behaving (or maybe just posting) as if the “happy times” will return.

Or as if this current situation with social distancing, working from home, and with businesses collapsing all over the palace or cutting back, is just a “temporary” problem and we’ll all go back to “normal” when it’s done.

The reality is, “happy times” might not be coming back for a while.

I would encourage you, whether you are an entrepreneur, an agency owner, an employee, or a manager or supervisor, to get with the idea that your current situation is not a time for just eating chips and watching Netflix.

Please take this opportunity to learn a new skill. Take this time to advance a hobby and think about how it could make you some money tomorrow.

Please take this time to spin up a new business model for how you can deliver what you used to do in a new way.

Instead of Netflix and Chill, Quarantine and Learn a New Skill

If that means taking a low-interest loan, then take the loan. If you can’t take the loan because you’re overleveraged on debt, don’t like the government giving out money, or are worried about the upcoming $30T national debt, then I hope you’ve got a rich Uncle. Or that you are prepared to pare down your life to the absolute bare bones.

Please take this time to talk with your children about what 30-60-90 days in the quarantine may mean for your relationships. Establish boundaries and get real with each other about self-care, mental health, and all the things that you wouldn’t “normally” talk about.

Because “normal” times aren’t coming back in the way that they were here before.

INSTEAD OF NETFLIX AND CHILL, QUARANTINE AND LEARN A NEW SKILL.I hate to be the bearer of bad news..I see a lot of…

Posted by Jesan M. Sorrells on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Instead of Netflix and Chill Please Take Some Time…

Please take the time to think about what you’re employer might do and begin to build contingency plans to get paid—not at your current level of pay, but at a lower level—somehow someway. Set up dropshipping on eBay. Set up an Amazon account. Write that book you’ve been meaning to write. Create that painting you’ve been meaning to create. Make that digital product you’ve been meaning to make.

And then put it out there on Facebook, for free at first, and then offer it to a smaller community.

And if you’re retiring, or have the option to do so, and think that that’s your “get out of jail ‘free’ card” well, I would implore you to dig in now and help your community, not with money, but with your time, your wisdom, and your sweat equity.

Instead of Netflix and Chill, Quarantine and Learn a New Skill

Retirement is only ever talked about as a punishment in the Bible, and you’ve lived too long, and done too much to be punishing yourself now in the face of all that’s happening in the world right now.

Now is the time for entrepreneurial thinking to blossom like a thousand poppies in America. You don’t need money, you don’t need permission, and you don’t need reassurance.

All the people who would provide that are in social isolation anyway.

Now is the time to get real with your life, your perspective, and your future.

Because the vast majority of us will survive Coronavirus. But, the cast majority of us may be broke, unemployed, or without ideas on the other side of this current crisis.

Be not afraid. But don’t be lazy either.

If you need help thinking about this differently, contact me using the information below. give me a , and let me help you navigate this new world.



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