Existence is not political

Existence in the world is not a political act.

Should there be support for people who are experiencing the traumas of life?


But merely existing, in and of itself, is not a political act.


However, when we are held deeply in the sway of lazy-yet-attractive ideologies, as a substitute for doing the hard, uncomfortable work of dissecting and disassembling the areas of our lives that are politically driven, religiously driven, or even economically driven, we run into a problem.

Here’s the problem: If you believe that existing is a political act, and I disagree with your political position—on any topic—then inherently I am disagreeing with your very existence.

And, of course then the logic follows from there, giving you permission to do violence and to oppress me. Or, at least, to place enough pressure on me to “get my mind ‘right’.”

Because, of course, when you’re on the side of the angels, or the “right” side of “history” then everyone and anyone else who is not on your side deserve justice.

Jesan Sorrells

Jesan Sorrells

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